Kokopele – The Anything – Audio

The Israeli delta-rock band Kokopele are finalising details for their début LP for release mid 2017.



The first track to surface The Anything – made available as a standalone single on the 17th on bandcamp – inveigles its way into the marrow of the bones as the fire-side thumping percussion, which you could imagine being the first vestiges or music from the days of living in caves and the first formations of human tribal bonding combines with equally instinctive chanting vocal while grumbling guitar gives the track its cohesive thread as the sounds run up and down the walls.

This is a track best enjoyed with sub-woofers set to extreme low and volume turned high as at that point the listener can feel the music unifying with brain as the audience and Kokopele become as one.

Although Kokopele is newly out of the box these are experienced musicians – as is demonstrated in The Anything.

website – (be aware music starts immediately).

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