Kobadelta – Bathsheba – Audio

The English dark-psychedelia quintet Kobadelta will be releasing an as yet unnamed EP on the 8th of October.

Kobadelta - Bathsheba


From the forthcoming five track release, the third – Bathsheba reminds of that hour of coming down from an adrenaline trip when the lows catch up with the highs and the listener finds themselves wrestling with their own demons. Lasting only a tad under three minutes and fifty seconds, this is a song that the mind wants to wrangle with for far longer.

Strident bass thumps off the walls as the synths echo, whilst guitar spirals a kaleidoscope of colours and the vocal lays like a ill-tempered venomous snake laying in wait to strike passing prey. This is a track to tip the paranoid into a breakdown of self-inflicted brain melt as the lyrics inveigle their way into the brain.

Why it has taken me almost two years to come back to Kobadelta is a mystery, but I hope it is long before August 2018 I return again.

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