KOALa? and the K-Holes

Rory Gillespie, from San Bernardino in the USA uses the alternative-acoustic vehicle KOALa? and the K-Holes to deliver his diary of whimsical thoughts.

KOALa? and the K-Holes - alternative-acoustic from the USA

KOALa? and the K-Holes

Contemplating daily issues KOALa? and the K-Holes has an extensive catalogue and the prolific out-put of random issues of consternation sees no slow-down in pace.

This is not music to listen to when you are looking for easy melodies, rather when feeling somewhat irritated and in KOALa? and the K-Holes you will find a companion in thought as the sketchy structures stomp around the room in sympathy and calm the flaring mood as the infectious self-deprecating joyfulness of railing lyrics rammed into spaces they don’t fit, set to arbitrary pace and volume changes, warm their way into the mind.

The world of music needs more of the likes of KOALa? and the K-Holes and although it will not be a sound that many feel has merit, to those who do, such as myself – there can never be enough material to listen to as it brings a sense of scale to frustrations of life.

I am reminded of Edward Lear where the abstruse creative process and delivery leaves imprint stretching far beyond the moment of consideration.

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