KNKY ROOTS – Pulp Fiction – Single Review

KNKY ROOTS is an alt-rock duo split between the USA and Canada.



Formed as an idea a few years ago the project drifted apart for a while as Tayo Jacob stayed in Toronto (Canada) and Liraz Cohen moved to Los Angeles in the USA. Recently they have reconnected and the germ of a concept has finally come to fruition with more than a notion with jottings in a cupboard.

Word emerges that there are new songs in the offing, but for now only one track has surfaced – Pulp Fiction. Somewhere between a lamenting plea for mercy and the impassive firer of the gun, one gets the sense of following a frame by frame flow of the moment between trigger being pulled and the splattering brain matter and skull across the wall as Pulp Fiction follows the trajectory of the bullet.

These are a duo who have the ability to take the almost instantaneous and break it down to a slo-mo review and I look forward to hearing more by KNKY ROOTS in short order.


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