Klubgrün from Münster in Germany is the electro-indie quartet of Dennis AbstiensRolf LaakmannStefan Matysick and Carsten Wolters.

Klubgrün - electro-indie from Germany

Klubgrün – Photo Credit Klaus Depenbrock

A palpable immersive cloud veils the room on hitting play as Klübgrun combine electro-dance with instrumentation to deliver a sound that is geographically unplaceable, which should give them the world as a potential audience. Despite the material being of highest quality and of great value to the world of music they are rarely to be found releasing new material, although I have been able to glean that they are heading back into the studio imminently, so I hope 2014 brings forth some more of their delightful sounds.

As I write this review I find myself spanning 4 years to find music to play, for a reason I have thus far been unable to ascertain. I guess you are sensing my frustration – I want to hear much, much more as Klübgrun deliver music which feeds the brain like a hit of dopamine. The quartet layer the music with electronics and instrumentation which is full of complexities and sounds to explore which have a sense of flowing around the bloodstream.


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