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The Italian dark-gaze quartet Klam released the EP The Concrete Vagina on the 8th.



Klam are not seeking to brighten the thunderstorm of societal implosion as their dank compositions drip like wet moss from a long forgotten cellar.

Their commentary of a world in which they find little of enlightenment is enunciated by the third of the five tracks on The Concrete Vagina (available on bandcamp) as Klamydia, the shortest number, finds the ability to darken a black-out curtain as the brooding cloak of dampened bass, muted vocal, bewitching guitar and impervious percussion feeds around the room.

The subtle electronic extensions allow Klam to create a sound in which the listener is invited to perceive, in time-lapse, the formation of a stalactite as it subsequently excretes and gradually create a stalagmite – leaving the audience in mesmerised trance.

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