King & Scholes

King & Scholes from Liverpool in England is the alt-folk duo of Dave King (Vocals /Guitars / Banjo) and Dan Scholes (Piano / Ukulele / Programming).

King & Scholes - alt-folk from England

King & Scholes

As I often comment – music is of a moment – and King & Scholes are perfect examples of this. Introduced back in May with an audio feature, I thought at the time I wanted to get back to write more, but every-time I ventured to the reminder, it wasn’t the right moment – that is now rectified.

Compositions which pass a social commentary are delivered with a vocal that evokes images of weathered driftwood and it couldn’t suit any better. The musical accompaniment provides a lustre which highlights the voice and the listener is drawn into the resulting out-put. There is a timeless tint to the sounds, which are bereft of sashes, leaving the audience to draw their own embellishments.

The simple honesty of the sounds engage, without proscribing sentiment, which is not an easy feat to achieve and by taking time and space to consider the music, so it becomes more powerful.

Whilst making smartly produced studio recordings King & Scholes is a band to hear live and I sincerely hope that they release a live recording of their work as a full release, for those who don’t have the opportunity to see them on stage.

It is in a raw live performance that: The true intensity; Emotional connection with the songs and; Fluidity, of the duo comes to the fore. What do you think? – two versions of the same song –

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