King Catcher – Walking On The Edge Of The Light – Single Review

King Catcher is a nu-disco duo from England.

King Catcher

King Catcher

If you were looking for a reason to refresh memory on the steps to dancing the Hustle and a reason to pull out the glitter King Catcher are the answer.

Walking On The Edge Of The Light evokes of neon lights and flashing dance-floors with its funky dips and sashays, but the duo have done more than fluff down the old and despite the retro-reference points they deliver a sound that is less garish, finding a new iteration which finds itself as welcome in Berghain as it does at a diamond wedding anniversary party.

King Catcher deliver music that simultaneously is as cutting edge club-night as it is sedative for insomnia and even if you are absolutely convinced that EDM will never work for you – I posit giving Walking On The Edge Of The Light a spin will find even those of you who are, like me, of most jaded cynicism and trenchant view – discovering hips involuntarily swaying with the brushes.


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