King Catcher – The Laundry – Single Review

The English nu-disco duo King Catcher released the single The Laundry in the past few hours.

King Catcher - The Laundry

King Catcher

The softly punctuated synths that drift out of the speakers perfectly counteract, what over here in the UK is, a wet and miserable Thursday as thoughts start to head towards plans for the weekend.

King Catcher have a subtlety of delivery in The Laundry that captures the imagination as the analogue synths are allowed to glow in the warmth of their own valves, complemented by an equally softly brushing vocal while a persistent understated beat flutters its way in to the heart and despite the chill-outside the day has taken on a comfortable ambience despite, or perhaps because of, the melancholic context.

The Laundry – King Catcher is available on iTunes.*

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