Killers Walk Among Us – Quitter Happier – Audio

Killers Walk Among Us from Sweden will only ever release one LP – their eponymous ten track début album.

Killers Walk Among Us

Killers Walk Among Us

You may wonder why, that being the case I would ask you to tarry a while to give it consideration.

As those have followed the site over the years well appreciate, I never ask you to consider something unless I think it adds to the value of the world of music, those who have gotten to know me better also know I have no interest in sentimentality, oft scorning those who shed tears for those they didn’t know.

I have to say, I didn’t know Stefan Holmberg, the lead singer of Killers Walk Among Us – who killed himself earlier this year, but the legacy of the album deserves recognition and that is why I am asking you to tarry a moment.

The only sadness in this release is the cynical marketing. The LP was previously available, but pulled and is being re-released on the 26th as part of some PR stunt – but don’t let that detract from the value of the music, which has much to add to the human weave of experience.

Although I didn’t know the man, I somehow feel, Stefan would be as affronted by the exploitation of his death, by those more interested in chasing money than contemplating inner rage and turmoil, as I. Therefore – for this – there are no links to find anything further to do with the release.

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