Kids At Midnight – By Your Side – Audio

The synthwave creator Jane Elizabeth Hanley from Melbourne (Australia) who performs as Kids At Midnight is preparing for the release of the début LP early next year.

Kids At Midnight
Kids At Midnight

Somewhat reminiscent of mid ’90s club electrosynth the newest track By Your Side, which was released as a stand alone single on the 30th of November, adds a luxurious blanket of soft felt that wraps around the listener with the subsumed soundtrack, as though suspended on fine silk borne by a soft breeze, melting even the most fractious moment in to one of gentle teasing.

social media page 

WARNING – the social media page links to Facebook which is perfectly fine to use.

The link to a website on the Facebook and the Soundcloud artist pages to a website both link to a site that has been hacked – do not click the link to the website for the band name page. I have alerted the Kids At Midnight representative and if this message warning message is removed from this location then the issue will have been resolved.

By Your Side – Kids At Midnight is available on iTunes.*

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