Kid Tested

Kid Tested from Cleveland in the USA is the alt-indie rock trio of Shawn Mishak (Vocals / Guitar), Dominic Ricciardi (Bass) and Jim Beil (Drums).

Kid Tested - alt indie from the USA

Kid Tested

Offering a disparity of garage rock distortions to a range of genres gives Kid Tested an earthiness, yet beneath the surface lay experienced musicians who despite the manic nature of the sounds are absolutely in control of what they are delivering. A wealth of experience on the live circuit is reflected in their recorded material which contains that same sense of realism.

Whilst predominately playing music at a rapid tempo, they are also able to slow the sounds down considerably and in many ways the distortions and melodies combining gives the outfit a fun quirkiness despite that, inevitably for me, I prefer when they hurry through the tunes.

I also particularly appreciate how they have stayed true to their initial premise and rather than chasing a larger more mainstream audience Kid Tested has elected to remain off the radar, as undoubtedly there is the quality of playing and composition which if they took away the distortions would find this ‘radio friendly’. So it is with heartfelt thanks I say – I for one appreciate the choice to stick to their guns and long may they continue so to do. Recordings are rare, though I do believe a new LP is coming out in the middle of 2014.


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