KatjA Luhtala – I Was an Immigrant Too – Audio

The Finnish alt-rock creator KatjA Luhtala is putting final touches to her new LP.

KatjA Luhtala - photo credit - Viva Granlund

KatjA Luhtala – photo credit – Viva Granlund

A song to surface in the past day is I Was An Immigrant Too, which will be on the album. Released as a demo track by KatjA earlier than planned due to coming across an incident of racial abuse she witnessed, that so incensed her, she felt putting the song out early was the best way to respond.

With a style some-what different to that of the previous material featured by KatjA Luhtala since her introduction in 2013 – how could I not be smitten by the reggae sounds and sentiment of – I Was An Immigrant Too.

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