Katja And Them Aint Saints – Yön Sydämeen – Video

Katja And Them Aint Saints is a dark-folk trio from Finland released their début single on the 4th.

Katja and Them Aint Saints

Katja and Them Aint Saints

Originally a duo, it was in July of last year that the third member joined and Katja And Them Aint Saints came to fruition. Katja Luhtala – the Katja part of the band, will be known by regular readers, having been introduced in 2013 and most recently featuring in the New Year Ninety.

With songs normally created in English, Yön Sydämeen marks another difference, though an English version of Into the Heart of Night is also available.

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The Finnish Version – Yön sydämeen – Yön sydämeen – Single is available on iTunes as is the English version – Into the Heart of Night – Into the Heart of Night – Single*.

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