Katie Caulfield

Rumbling in Kraków in Poland is the trio of Michał Piech (Drums), Katie Hurdles (Guitar / Vocals / Casio GZ – 5) and Paweł Tasak (Bass / Violin / Pedalboard) who form the suicide-rock band Katie Caulfield.

Katie Caulfield - Suicide-rock from Poland

Katie Caulfield

Thrusting through the room Katie Caulfield deliver uncompromising palls of angst-riven melancholia which reflects on the world around. The excoriating sinews of sound cleave their way into the bloodstream like an injection of an over-dose of heroin, first there is bliss then there is excruciating pain as the trio twist and turn their way through the lymphatic system. The rawness of composition gives the band the ability to pin-point the most exposed nerve.

Katie Caulfield provide the ears with unsympathetic tourniquets, which strangle the listener with their very fractiousness as the trio sword-fight the instrumentation and an out of key vocal emphasises the discordance of a percussion which pummels ever onwards.

Though only a year old Katie Caulfield has been able to establish a live performance circuit and on the 8th released their début LP – Sow Thistles (available on bandcamp), which is well worth grabbing hold of, along with a phone to hand to call an ambulance when it cuts too deeply.

Their thoughts on Love

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  1. This band should be more known and recognizable. That’s sad it has to happen by a miracle to became renowned.

  2. Jan Paweł Shoegazowy

    Uważam, że ta muzyka jest zgoła nieadekwatna do umiejętności Pawła. Z ilością jego sprzętu, który z pogłosek znajomych słyszałem, powinien tworzyć o wiele bardziej zaawansowaną muzykę, np rock. Pozdrawiam, Karol.

    • Thanks for taking the time to respond Charles.

      Always good to encourage a band to better things, though I am not sure your outright damnation and desire to split Paul away from the band is intended to achieve that objective.

      However, that is the joy of music – it is personal.

      You don’t think it is good enough, Katie Caulfield evidently do and I like it too.

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