Katalina Kicks – We Don’t Care – Video

The English alt-rock trio Katalina Kicks release a new single on the 13th.

Katalina Kicks - photo credit @andrewcotterill

Katalina Kicks – photo credit @andrewcotterill

Over time the trio has changed players, each iteration necessarily developing a different dimension of travel, though always something you feel the need to listening to with limbs wrapped with partner. To attempt a more specific genre-definition with We Don’t Care I sense that – sexy-rock – is not too far wide of the mark as the breathy vocal teases the inner thigh whilst the winding instrumentation and electronica brushes the earlobe and caresses the neck while the percussion matches the pace of the racing and ever more desirous heart.

Given, additionally, that the lyrical content is of agitation with societal discontent – it will come as no surprise that I think this is a track that needs to be added immediately to the playlist.

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