Katalina Kicks – Guns – Video

The English agit-rock band Katalina Kicks are set to release the EP Vices in October.

Katalina Kicks

Katalina Kicks

The core of the band is as a trio, though in live-performance they are joined on stage by a fourth player. Katalina Kicks is band with some legs including two previous LPs dating back to 2011 behind them, they have established a confidence in delivery which enables them to provide the audience with a sound that, whilst frothing with indignation, has a a coherent layered structure.

Tempting as it is to write a full review of the band in this introduction, I will wait until nearer the release of Vices and merely concentrate on the first track to surface from the EP and the opener of the five – Guns – which is itself to be released as a single on the 3rd of July.

As is typical of their content, the lyric for Guns is an insightful frustrated commentary on the world around, though rather than haranguing the ears with volume and pace, the context is within measured instrumentation that reflects of the dichotomies of the ease by which rationalisation is lost to a dogma.

The solid percussion and bass fences off the room, while the guitar flexes through the inferences of hysteria to condemnatory growling from which the vocal waxes quizzically.

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