Kármán Line

Kármán Line from London in England is the synth-rock band of Maja Slatinsek (Vocals / Synth), Ryan Small (Guitar / Synth), Dan Gaylard (Bass /Synth) and Sean Crossan (Drums).

Kármán Line - synth-rock from England

Kármán Line

Coexisting inside flowing tracks, lay electro-pop and rock influences as Kármán Line provide the audience with sounds that remind of glowing embers with the gently warming tones.

The easy rolling pieces wrap themselves around the ears as the synths are allowed spacious expanses in which develop, whilst the instrumentation keeps the sounds on an even keel. Kármán Line have balanced the combinations between exploratory electronics and arrow precision bass / percussion to deliver music which has many layers for the listener to enjoy. I haven’t thus far mentioned the vocal, which is the ingredient that, strangely, adds an ethereal feel to the over-all output.

An engrossing three track eponymous single which came out at the end of last year, sadly, hasn’t so far given Kármán Line the increased visibility they deserve. I look forward to hearing more of the quartet over the coming months and wish them every success.

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Kármán Line EP – Kármán Line is available on iTunes*.

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