Karma Roulette – Riot Act – Single Review

Karma Roulette, the English grunge quintet, released the single Riot Act on the 27th.

Karma Roulette

Karma Roulette

Riot Act, their début single, indicates of a band who immediately need to be added to the ‘essentials to get through life’ playlist with their impressive sound.

A quiet confidence affords Karma Roulette the temptation to try and do things slightly differently and rather than utilising the two guitars to do little more than add volume, speed or melody to the composition they work as buffers, each virtually cancelling out the inflections of the chords of the other, creating an absorbing flattened structure to the track through which a puddling percussion splashes mud out of the speakers while it is the bass that adds the layered sonics with the measured and well judged vocal wrapping itself around the audience, leaving them looking forward to hearing more in short order.

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Riot Act – Single – Karma Roulette is available on iTunes.*

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