Kallblod – Bone & Cream – Single Review

Kallblod is a new Swedish electro-rock duo who revealed their first track, Bone & Cream, on the 13th.



Dipping toes in to the pool of ’60s crooners by way of ’80s synthwave, in Bone & Cream, Kallblod are able to a deliver a track that folds itself around the listener in a gentle embrace becalming the restlessness of daily life.

Creating a song that moulds around the listener with the melting guitar and synthesis delivering the unflustered restful absorption of the composition while the hazed vocal whispers quietly in to the ears, yet is itself a busy hive of layered textures, attests to a duo of able musicians and I look forward to hearing more in short order.


Bone & Cream – Single – Kallblod is available on iTunes.*

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