Kacie Thomas – Goodbye (Part 1) – Single Review

Kacie Thomas is a US ghost-wave creator.

Kacie Thomas

Kacie Thomas

Having recently decided to pursue, what has always been a passion, musicianship after a different earlier career path Kacie Thomas only has a few songs around, each cloaked in sweeping brushed vocal.

I am a little late to this, my apologies, Goodbye (Part 1) was sent to me a few weeks ago. The combinations of the mournful piano shrouded by a synthesised vocal which is shadowed in echoing elongation gives the song an ethereal other-worldliness. Extending to just over four minutes the track, despite its spaciousness doesn’t feel greedy of time, with the listener becoming immersed in the soundtrack.

It will be interesting to hear where Kacie Thomas heads next as the songs thus far revealed are all based around the same theme.

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