JUNIORS from Leicester in England  is the indie-gaze quartet of Jamie Hives (Vocals / Guitar), Jake Tasker (Bass), William Bond (Drums) and Daniel Lee (Guitar).

JUNIORS - indie-gaze from England


JUNIORS deliver music that floats across the room in undulating waves of sounds as the guitars draw gossamer threads which seem to hang in the air, entrancing the mind, whilst a percussion and vocal act like a wand in smoke – curling urgent eddies, as the bass tarries slightly behind scooping up the remnants of guitar notes as it progresses, giving the compositions a warming catharsis.

Formed as a three piece in 2013, it wasn’t until last year that JUNIORS emerged as a fully formed entity and able to provide the lustre to the out-put. The juxtaposition of the grating vocal and the dreamy instrumentation will perhaps tear audience perspectives apart, but when taken in totality of the quartet, there is a deliverable that holds the attention of the listener.

It will be interesting to discover the direction JUNIORS travel in the coming months as they have a clear choice between the banality of poppy plastic tat and developing their creative musical force. I certainly hope they decide to explore their musical ability and if that is their direction of travel I would counsel – a change of vocal style to blend with the instruments, not fight against it but, what do I know?

I wish JUNIORS all the best in which ever direction they head. At this moment – I most certainly recommend you getting to know the quartet.

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