Junior Felix

Jake HoltonBrian MehlenbacherAsher Miller and Garrett Gualberto from Toronto in Canada form the anxiety-indie band Junior Felix.

Junior Felix - anxiety-indie from Canada

Junior Felix

Having known each other whilst at University their ways parted for a while and relatively newly having discovered they are all in Toronto decided to get together to see what may arise. The result being a début four track EP – You’ve Changed. We Noticed being released in stages, with one more track to surface and a plan for an LP in the latter half of 2016, along with, beginning to string together a few live performances. My thoughts – if you are in Toronto, you should be happy you are ahead of the curve.

The anxiety riven vocal feels as though it is ripping out the spleen of the listener who is delighted in return to be disembowelled. There is an immediate relationship that builds on hitting play as Junior Felix evoke of a misery that pulls at the heart-strings whilst cognisant this is potentially a one way journey. The relief is to be found in the taught relationship betwixt bass, percussion and guitar and for this one is immediately reminded, not acoustically rather emotionally and by technique, of the out-put of Joy Division.


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