Jubilee Courts – Go From the Blue Light into the Moonlight – EP Review

Jubilee Courts from England have their début five track EP – Go From the Blue Light into the Moonlight – set for release on the 4th August.

Jubilee Courts - Go From the Blue Light into the Moonlight - artwork

Jubilee Courts – Go From the Blue Light into the Moonlight – artwork

Opening an EP which reflects of life in urban alleyways City Flow which reminds of a time-lapse image of a busy road junction as the notes streak back and forth across the brain. The layers of sound flicker across the room before colliding into a kaleidoscope of aural imagery.

Next is Something Different which has a much more industrial feel to it as Jubilee Courts combine echoing shoegaze guitars with bass and percussion which lay down the under-pinning and predominate texture to the sound.

Outside Your House is my pick of the release as the band allows the music to flow more contextually through the whole piece with a resounding bass / percussion combination which tests the speakers, the synthetic sampler is given room to play more easily with the resulting out-put giving the track a sonorous presence, which is tempered neatly by the fragility of the psychedelic guitars.

Under The Sand Again is a triumph of of juxtapositions as the muffled vocal is allowed to express the context, whilst the guitars shimmer like sun bouncing off rippled seas and under-laying it lurks the spectre of unseen menaces as the bass roams like a circling predator and percussion dances in glee at the unfolding story-line.

Concluding  Go From the Blue Light into the Moonlight and what is a fine début EP by Jubilee Courts is Sunday Shift which is a well constructed composition as the band join forces and direction of travel to provide five and three quarter minutes of music that you just want to extend for eternity.


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