Jonny Avery – Captains Of Industry – Single Review

The New Zealand indie-folk-pop musician Jonny Avery will be releasing the single Captains Of Industry on the 12th.

Jonny Avery - Captains Of Industry

Jonny Avery – Captains Of Industry

Regular readers may have thought I must have made an error in writing this review with the genre definition of ‘pop’ anything in the introducing sentence, however, it isn’t.

The acidic lyric which is surrounded by dripping honey of music only makes the disdainful commentary more glowing. Captains Of Industry casts a sneering wariness of a world in which the 1% own more than the 99%, yet rather than seething of vitriol the ironic lyric and cutely bouncing bonniness of the instrumentation gives this track an impressive integrity.

It comes as much of a surprise to you as it does to I that I conjoin ‘integrity’ and ‘popular music’ in one review, though the more perspicacious will note a five string bass is more than likely to gain my attention.

I have only recently been made aware of the conundrum that is Jonny Avery and I look forward to contorting my mind with his future material.


Captains of Industry – Single – Jonny Avery is available on iTunes.*

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