John Mcginto – Woe Woe Woe – Audio

John Mcginto is a South African alt-rock creator.

John Mcginto

John Mcginto

An email languishing in my inbox since last month has seen John Mcginto release a further two tracks, such is his mine of creativity, the most recent of which is the four and two-thirds minutes  Woe Woe Woe which permeates the room with dank moss as the looping swagger of the guitar is punctuated by malevolent bass and a percussion that clings to the walls in abandoned angularity.

John doesn’t seek to make the life of the audience comfortable as the maths-rock instrumentation filtrates from  regions unbidden, enveloping the listener in a damp cloak of misery.

I look forward to hearing more of John Mcginto and his societal commentary during 2016.

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  1. I liked this..It is not often that someone can come along and play something a-tonal yet still engaging in an effortless way.. McGinto surely has some talent!

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