Joe Perkins – Let The Rain Fall (The Spirit Of Glastonbury) – Audio

The English retro-rocker Joe Perkins releases the instrumental LP Double Denim on the 2nd of September.

Joe Perkins

Joe Perkins

Sometimes genre descriptions are less necessary than other occasions as will be noticed by the ’70s Jeans Jacket in the image. Delving back to music from the Southern United States of the ’40s to more recent UK ’80s rock Joe Perkins is able to transport the listener on a delightful journey through time, without ever sounding like a historian giving a lecture, as there is also a undercurrent of good humour that lays behind it all.

Having been able to hear a couple of tracks from Double Denim (available directly from Joe), both are very different and indicative of the variety on the release. One a skiffle bluegrass number that raises a smile and tapping toes, the other Let The Rain Fall (The Spirit Of Glastonbury) – the second of the eight – is a solid ’70s stadium-rock stomper and will have you reaching for that faded leather jacket.


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