Joe DOE is a solo vehicle for the Fort Wayne USA based musician who uses the same name to offer a welcome change with that I will call alt-rap.

Joe DOE - alt-rap from the USA


I had a good listen to a twelve track LP and such is my suspicion of the genre that I even then had to check and ask for some lyrics as I thought my ears may have become auto-blocked, which confirmed, this is actually hip-hop with something useful to say.

Rather than feeling sorry for itself, the music Joe DOE releases contains the expected anger, but it is delivered with relevance and in well constructed poetry that illuminates the issues to hand leaving the listener, not excluded, but elucidated. Angry music of any genre when delivered coherently can and does draw an inclusiveness and to his credit, this is where the sounds head. How could I not agree with the sentiment included in the line – ‘So Much Rap Is Trite’ – One of the related bands to Joe DOE headlines itself – The rap group for people who hate rap – If this is the way ahead, then I am a convert to the genre with its visceral and intelligent lyrical content that even manages to draw on much of the language of the mainstream genre and use that to poke fun of it.

The electronic loops pulse away in the background surging into the veins, but I was far more focussed on the lyric. I look forward to getting to know more bands on the independent label – Sykophunk Productions.


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