Jingo based in London, England, is the alt-rock quartet of Katie Buckett (Vocals / Keys), Jack Buckett (Guitar / Vocals), Joseph Reeves (Drums) and Chris Smith (Bass / synths).

Jingo - alt-rock from England


Experienced musicians from previous bands Jingo is just over a year old and their previous time playing is immediately evident as the quartet have shaped quickly together. With a breadth of influences and geographic upbringing with in the band, their melodic compositions have an inclusive world music flavour, which is easy to ingest.

With the addition of the synthetics Jingo is able to infuse a warming cinnamon stick to the out-put that they don’t overplay and the material maintains a rock driven progression with the guitar interweaving betwixt the smoothing keys, whilst percussion and bass give a booming foundation to which the vocal, oft reflecting on human interaction with the natural order, is given a canvass on which to shine.

A début LP is in train which will raise the profile of Jingo and it would come as no surprise if they make a significant impact in the live circuit during the course of the summer.

A little to tidy for my everyday playlist, but certainly a band I will be adding to my evening summer party track selection.


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