Jimmy & The Revolvers

Jimmy & The Revolvers, from Liverpool in England, is the dance-rock quartet of Jay Rehm (Vocals / Acoustic Guitar), Kurt Riley (Vocals /  Bass), Jimmy Moon (Electric Guitar) and Ash Michael (Drums).

Jimmy & The Revolvers - dance rock from England

Jimmy & The Revolvers

A skiffle beat tumbles across the room as Jimmy & The Revolvers wind back the clock and infuse it with the 21st Century. Find a partner to dance with in close step and you will have the perfect position in which to enjoy the quartet to its fullest extent.

The combinations of acoustic and electronic guitar enable Jimmy & The Revolvers to add significant dimensions to the compositions, which have a light, yet intoxicating touch as they keep the music skipping forward, yet enable the audience to enjoy the music for what it is on its own merit. The vocals swim round the sounds as the two voices flow into one another playing foils of keys, which add a further texture to the resulting out-put.

A new single Whistle For My Love due out on the 4th of August marks a new direction of sound for Jimmy & The Revolvers as they press the accelerator to their previous releases adding a samba to the resulting out-put. Although of a different vein there is sufficient similarity for those already in the know to not feel alienated and for new listeners an engaging production.


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