Jesus Weekend

Jesus Weekend an alt-synth trio from Osaka in Japan is Seira (Vocals / Guitar / Synth), Sanae (Drums) and Azuna (Bass / Synth).

Jesus Weekend - alt-synth from Japan

Jesus Weekend

Just about a year old Jesus Weekend released their debut five track EP Agleam earlier this month through Fancy That! Records. Somewhat experimental nature the music drifts, as-though hidden in cloud, through the room as instruments and electronics combine. Although not pursuing linear expectations of sound there is a coherence to the music in which the audience can just lay back and enjoy. The muted creations are often subsumed in fuzz, giving the impression of watching butterflies drift in the wind.

The compositions have a global resonance and this is an out-fit who could end up settled anywhere in the world. Always likely to remain on the fringes simply as a result of the nature of the music, which is a great pity, as there is much to be gained by getting to know the music that Jesus Weekend deliver, which has a timeless, ethereal quality, once heard not to be forgotten in quickly. I for one hope it isn’t another twelve months for their next release.


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