Jesse Ruben – This Is Why I Need You – Single Review

Jesse Ruben is a US contemplative-rock songwriter.

Jesse Ruben

Jesse Ruben

I regularly ask readers to send through music they particularly enjoy and although this breaks every ‘style guideline’ – most prominently – it is a release review that is over seven days since release, but being the Editor means from time to time the guides can be torn up and thanks to Haille also from Brooklyn in the USA who made contact of a song on their playlist.

This Is Why I  Need You is perhaps a cathartic song for Jesse who found himself running the New York Marathon inspiring him to write a song of incentivisation and discovering support for his thoughts found himself in strong demand, only to be struck down by Lymes Disease when aspirations became more constricted.

This Is Why I Need You has a demure, thoughtful, content that slips into the ears in folds of contemplative melting chocolate as the lilting instrumentation skips around the room, only to be met by an introspective gracious lyric and emotionally connective vocal that spins so far away from many of the brash sounds of Brooklyn that regularly feature on the website, which for its geography makes Jesse Ruben worthy of consideration, of greater import is the ability to deliver a track that has a thumping impact, even when whispered through the lowest sound settings, for its singular composition and natural poetry.


This Is Why I Need You – Single – Jesse Ruben is available on iTunes.*

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  1. This song deserves so much attention. Jesse is a brilliant writer and an honest and inspiring human being. So proud to know you and watch your music grow. Also a big fan 🙂 congrats on your success!

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