Jesse Ruben – First Day of Summer – Single Review

The US acoustic-rock creator Jesse Ruben was introduced earlier in the year.

Jesse Ruben - photo by @germanbjc

Jesse Ruben – photo by @germanbjc

Some musicians seem to be dogged by me getting back belatedly to their music and with only two features, on both occasions, I am late to publishing – so once again – apologies to one and all.

Since the article back in January – Jesse has had a successful tour in Germany and perhaps due to having been able to confirm his music does have a broader brush-stroke than just the home country, First Day Of Summer is of far brighter tone.

Somewhat usefully I did stumble across the email to introduce First Day Of Summer having just written three consecutive features stretching the mind a little and this hit the sweet spot as something a little lighter on the ears.

Appropriately named, as I type – a bright and sunny day, First Day Of Summer is a track to take out for a weekend barbecue on the beach, when being serious is far from your mind, whilst hoping by playing the track this will foretell of some warm days to follow. Not aiming to be anything other than it is – a  warming love song to maintain the skipping heart beat of the initial flush of a relationship – which it does leaving the listener with a smile wreathing the face.

First Day of Summer – Single – Jesse Ruben is available on iTunes.*

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