Java Skull

Java Skull an alternative blues duo from Copenhagen in Denmark is Marco Burro and Onkel Jakob.

Java Skull - alternative blues from Denmark

Java Skull – Photo Credit: Morten Aagaard Krogh.

Shards of gravel roll out of the speakers as Java Skull take blues to garage and emerge with an obliquely welded landscape. The earthy sounds reflect of a cynical disposition and provide the listener with imagery of climbing on fracturing slate, as each hold proves treacherous and precarious, likely to sheer at any moment and for that very tenuous hold becomes a fascinating attraction.

The duo even manage to inflect references to Shinnaibushi, providing a fascinating journey of influences, which provide the listener with a sound that captivates. Whilst both experienced musicians and evidently well studied, with references heading back to 17th century Japan, they are able to deliver all the rough edges needed to make the music engaging and alive.

Having formed as a spin-off from a band break-up in 2012, it will be interesting to see whether they elect to add further players to the line-up. What I particularly enjoy about Java Skull is their ability to take their musical prowess and avoid making it a cliché of pretentious twaddle, rather delivering music which is accessible to all.


Java Skull – The Devil’s Looking For You is available on iTUnes*.

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