Jas Josland – Lie To Yourself – Single Review

The New Zealand rocker Jas Josland released the single Lie To Yourself today.

Jas Josland

Jas Josland

Lie To Yourself is steeped in classic rock’n’roll in a song that swirls through the room with a flourish as the energetic composition launches the listener on to the dance floor to shake with the pumping percussion / bass combinations as the guitar prowls like a stalking panther whilst the vocal threads from a growling menace to intricate melodic sections.

A talented musician who, deservedly, has already had the opportunity to play internationally and Lie To Yourself can’t but help to build on a growing reputation for being able to create and deliver good time rock and in a world of many divisions, shining a positive light is extremely welcome.


Lie to Yourself – Single – Jas Josland is available on iTunes.*

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  1. O for owesome there jazz you rock star.
    Can’t wait until you tour Australia.

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