Jared Dymbort – Man In Space – Video

Jared Dymbort from the USA is – amongst others of his projects – an electro-billy creator.

Jared Dymbort - If & When - artwork

Jared Dymbort – If & When – artwork

My apologies to everyone. This has been sitting in my inbox for a while now, along with reminders, finally I have arrived.

Juggle up the volume – scatter the furniture – pull on some dayglo socks – lace up a pair of red brothel-creepers and – jive.

Released on the 22nd Of September was the five track EP If & When (available on bandcamp).

The opening number Man In Space is a decent indicator to the highly enjoyable fusion of space-gaze and rock-a-billy in the fascinatingly, simultaneously, futuristic and retro – approximately thirteen minute release.


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