Japanese Fighting Fish

Japanese Fighting Fish is KarlostGarethPhil and Joe a London England  based alt-rock band.

Japanese Fighting Fish - alt rock from England

Japanese Fighting Fish

A well measured and paced sound is delivered by Japanese Fighting Fish and you immediately know this is an act with experienced musicians as they allow the power of the compositions to make the statement rather than attempting to add needless flourishes into the mix.

Percussion and bass seamlessly coexist laying the foundation for the pieces with the guitars laying on a scintillating wave of colour and the vocal brings the material together with a voice that, layered with gravel, suits the music to a tee. Whilst I enjoy the sounds I am left with a feeling that to some extent this is a band who are trying a bit too hard to be interesting and although the music sounds genuine there is a perception that threads through the music that they are not enjoying the music for its very originality and are seeking to deliver a ‘sound’. Their live performances may mitigate this sense, I couldn’t say. Don’t take that as a reason not to get involved, as you know, I like my music with the scuffed edges and I find it all a little too polished.

Having had the opportunity to listen to the new Japanese Fighting Fish ten track LP Day Bombs which is set for release on the 30th September I can confirm it is a fine body of work and well worth getting hold of when it comes out as the strength of the compositions and musical prowess nullifies my minor criticisms.

website (be aware music starts immediately).

Greatest Excuse – Single – Japanese Fighting Fish is available on iTunes*

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