Jan Braathen – Let’s Cross Another Borderline – Audio

The sadcore creator Jan Braathen, from Oslo (Norway), releases the LP
In The Shadow Of The Fourth Dimension on the 10th of January 2019.

Jan Braathen
Jan Braathen

A thirteen track album, available through Nobel Records, which stretches through a series of guitar based dour ballads in which various guest instrumentalists and vocalists join to give each track a distinctive texture.

Not an LP to bring out at a wedding celebration but most certainly one to accompany more pensive moments where the music accompanies as a reminder although one may be solitary one is not alone.

Having reflected on the isolated moments in the LP, my pick of the release – the eight track – Let’s Cross Another Borderline – is inevitably the most upbeat and inclusive on the release.


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  1. Thanks for rreview of upcoming album 🙂

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