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The Australian heavy-metal quartet Jade Haven released the EP Infernal Machines on the 21st.

Jade Haven

Jade Haven

My apologies to everyone for the late posting of this article as it has been sitting in my email in-box for a little while now.

The five track EP is a decent introduction to Jade Haven as they deliver both heavy thumping rock and contemplative melodies, including use of a Spanish Guitar in the second track, alternatively through the release.

The opening track and title – Infernal Machines is a blistering start to the EP ensuring that the listener keeps with Jade Haven through the release. Furious percussion and bass are fused with the two six string guitars that are given room to run up and down the fret-board while vocal provides the glue to the track. There is something almost sci-fi in their style of delivery, though Jade Haven do retain a firm tellurian anchor.

I look forward to coming back to them later in the year with news of future material.

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Infernal Machines – EP – Jade Haven is available on iTunes.*

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