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The US indie-angst quintet J Bengoy release the LP all the songs I never wrote you on the 1st of September.

J Bengoy

J Bengoy

The album which reflects a tale of a relationship, driven by the central character consistently centred through his own egocentric musical creativity, into a yawning crevasse as the two partners walk together with a developing chasm surfacing between the two of them – topping and tailing with an opening enthusiasm by the female character and concluding with the female half of the constitutional departing with an acerbic quip.  An album well worth grabbing hold of when it arises next month

In advance – on the 18th – the second of the six tracks will be made available as a single on bandcamp. Pet Names is a burbling brook of indie-flurry that portends of a happy-ending with dampened sharp guitars strings that dance across the room to the accompaniment of bustling percussion and flighty vocal.

One ponders whether the lessons of – all the songs I never wrote you, are those learnt, or merely lip-service as J Bengoy is still very much centred around Justin Barton (with a three year gap since his previous release – the three track single Ephemeral) as the kernel of idea creation and direction, this is a project still in development and it will be interesting to discover how things evolve in due course. By experience many of these long standing strong headed creators result in the band imploding within a year or so, whilst others are able to evolve into the new iteration with every player adding input from which a solid new and higher platform is built. Time will tell.

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