J Bengoy – Brains – Audio

On the 17th the US alt-rock quintet J Bengoy released the LP Dogwood Winter.

J Bengoy - Brains

J Bengoy

In the couple of years since J Bengoy last featured the music has mellowed and taken a more shaded trajectory with the ten tracks on the LP having a wistful demeanour of looking back at times of upheaval and the dramatic shift between being in education and leaving the cloistered environs to face the wider world, with the inevitability of broken friendships as fellow students and lovers travel far and wide.

Far from an album of solace, Dogwood Winter (which is available on bandcamp), reflects with fondness, through the prism of time, on the good moments left behind.

My pick of the release being the wandering fourth – Brains – as it, lyrically, perhaps best sums up the album.

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