Izek Rose – Most Nights – Single Review

Izek Rose is a melancholic-drift musician from the USA.

Izek Rose

Izek Rose

Slipping in to the room on fragile strings the first song revealed by Izek RoseMost Nights – within a couple of bars has swept through listener filling their mind with a sense of overwhelming sadness, a despondency which, for its despair, is simultaneously an alluring cathartic presence the audience reaches out to hold in mutually comforting embrace.

A well balanced composition melting emotive vocal and mesmerising instrumentation transfixes the attention through Most Nights, a song that lasts less than three minutes though has far greater staying power.

Word arrives there are another three songs due prior to the end of the month. If Most Nights is a measure of what is to come, not ensuring there is a a stack of freshly laundered handkerchiefs to dry the eyes would be remiss.

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