Iron Angel – Ministry Of Metal – Video

The German heavy-metal quintet Iron Angel release the LP Hellbound on the 4th of May.

Iron Angel

Iron Angel

The first track to surface from the album –  Ministry Of Metal will have you scrabbling for the faded leather jacket festooned in pin-badges as it spirals straight back to the late ’70s early ’80s with material that sounds as bustling with energy and melody as it did back in the day – which perhaps should come as no great surprise as back in 1980 a fresh faced group of musicians from Hamburg (Germany) emerged immersed in the influences of British heavy-metal and despite breaks, changes in both personnel and numbers in the band, appearing between 2000 and 2007 as a duo – the original vocalist – Dirk Schröder – remains to keep reigniting those initial embers and back again as a quintet – Ministry Of Metal demonstrates not only are those embers still glowing they are fully alight and burning fiercely.


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