The alt-rock band Institutes, comprising Gareth Griffiths (Vocals / Guitar), Samuel Deacon (Guitar / Vocals), Lucy Morrell (Bass / Synth / Vocals) and Billy Weir (Drums), come from Birmingham in England.

Institutes - Photo by Trev Earl Photography

Institutes – Photo by Trev Earl Photography

Beginning to gain some traction locally Institutes deliver music that contains diverse textures of sound, though they don’t offer the listener confusions of music as there is a coherent flow to their take on rock.

Sharply defined riffs boom out of the speakers as the vocal provides the context, which is, as appropriate, joined by second voice creating the atmospheric sonics. The gently stroked electronics and rhythm guitar burnish the compositions with a layering of psychedelic space-rock while drum and bass stand befitting a large stadium venue – enabling Insititutes to offer the listener both an intimacy as well as expansive luxury.

Although Institutes have been around for a little while their recorded material is fairly scant for those who don’t get to see them live and I hope this is addressed in the near term as what there is bears testament to a band who potentially have far to travel in the world of music.


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