Inner Fluid

Inner Fluid from Rome in Italy is the alt-rock trio of Marco Pallotta (Guitar), Maurizio Arbanasich (Bass) and Simone Febrini (Drums / Vocals).

Inner Fluid - alt-rock from Italy

Inner Fluid

With a diversity of spectral influences which they manage to combine to a coherent delivery Inner Fluid is an interesting band for the conundrums that flow through my ears.

The music ranges from synth-wave ’80s influences to psychedelia and when they drift to this end of their spectrum I enjoy what I hear, sadly they are also draw on occasion inferences from one of my nemesis bands who only consist of a letter and a number in their name, but such is my dislike of the band-wagon famine profiteering self-publicists I can’t ever bring myself to type it and when Inner Fluid let that cat out of the bag – I am suddenly not such a fan of the sounds. Nonetheless there is plenty that doesn’t step towards that territory where the trio excel.

Formed out of the ashes of the quintet Aut Aut the resulting shift has left Inner Fluid with compositions and delivery which stir the imagination. The tracks hold a resonating powerful undercurrent of the darker corners of life which they translate to impressively composed pieces of music.

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Looking Beyond the Border – EP – Inner Fluid is available on iTunes*.

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