Daniel Bogdanenko (Guitar / Vocals), Vitaliy Koutsiuk (Bass), Ruslan Dobrov (Drums) and Denys Rybchenko (Guitar / Backing Vocals) from Kiev in Ukraine form the spacey-indie band Indytronics.

Indytronics - spacey-indie from Ukraine


On hitting play you get the sense that gravity is falling away as a Indytronics deliver a heavily reverbed sound which minds of exploring the earth’s mesosphere. An ever present percussion gives the out-put the anchor, whilst guitars are able to float around the pivot, with the bass providing the connectivity to which vocals echo between the elements.

Despite the easy viscosity of the music, the ears catch a scratchy energy which gives Indytronics the ability to provide the listener with an unfolding story-line of building intensity that maintains the attention. The quartet are able to transport the audience from altitudinal loftiness to crunchy temper and inevitably it is when they hit the ‘press-on’ button I find most enjoyment.

Though having been around since 2012, it was only earlier this year that their début LP – Scintilla Wave was released and it is a fine introduction to the band.

I certainly look forward to hearing more over the coming years.


Scintilla Wave – Indytronics is available on iTunes.*

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