Indra’s Net

The alt-rock quartet of Alex Scurlock, Ed Llewellin, William Reade and Luke Ingram from Leicester in England form Indra’s Net.

Indra's Net - alt-rock from England

Indra’s Net

Reminding of a yacht battling the currents around Drakes Passage Indra’s Net has an fascinating isolation tossing against towering waves as the music steels itself against a world in opposition and the ears can’t help but lock on to the titanic struggle. The quartet utilise sharply strung damped guitars to provide strings which cleave the ears like a cheese wire and the audience transfixes on a bobbing cork that no-matter what is thrown at it, will sail onwards.

There is a sublime beauty to the compositions which combine a frailty with a steely determinism as the percussion minds me of a deep-set keel forcing a buoyancy and momentum despite the darkness over which Indra’s Net gallantly sails, a vocal stretching the chords tops the mast like a bosun, confident of direction, whilst peering through the mist. For the very vagaries of the concepts, combining frail edifices with a rudder that is steadfastly set on a course to follow, so the mind just becomes a supporter of the underdog battling the odds and it works for its very imagery.

Did you get the impression that I liked Indra’s Net? You should – and this exactly the sort of band who make my life a joy, thank you guys and keep doing what you do.

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