Indigo Face – Come Close – Audio

The England based electro-fusion quintet Indigo Face release the five track – At The Gate – EP on the 4th of December.

Indigo Face - Come Close - artwork

Indigo Face – Come Close – artwork

From the EP – Come Close, the second track has an entrancing metronomity that rings around the ear drums before diving into the synapses to take over the pulsing electrolytes and soon the brain rests in electrocardiogramographic unison.

The vocal spirals out of the subsumed full line-up of bass, drums and two guitars, which themselves lay hidden behind the synthesiser, akin to wafting drifts of colourful smoke, which for the very ordinance becomes the fulcrum of discovery.

Indigo Face, centred around a duo, have an intriguing story to tell, which stays on the right side of the vertical cliff of mainstream populist-pap and genuine creativity and I look forward to discovering more of their direction of creativity.

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