Indie Music Tips #16 Free Music With Boxed Wine

Chris MacTire and Ralph Nicastro of the US band Boxed Wine joined me for episode 16 of Indie Music Tips.

Indie Music Tips #16 Free Music With Boxed Wine

Indie Music Tips #16 Free Music With Boxed Wine

For the past few months I have been gradually transferring the series to this URL and here is the first of the fresh as yet unheard recordings, only, my apologies to Chris and Ralph that it has taken me since our conversation in June to get here.

In this episode the conversation centres around the concept of giving your music away for free and how you can gain leverage from taking that option. We also touch on alternative revenue streams, marketing of a full LP, the importance of track order on a release and understanding your audience. Somehow we also touch on transforming into Beyonce…..

Boxed Wine of Bandcamp.

If you would be interested in getting involved in the Indie Music Tips Series please drop me an email to tim @

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