InCircles is Jewlee (Guitar / Vocals), Eric Ponto (Bass / Backing Vocals) and Oscar Silva (Drums) an indie rock band from New York in the USA.

InCircles - Indie Rock from the USA


Taking influences from the faster edges of rock and roll along with some more calming blues InCircles introduce an invigorating sound to the room. Using lead guitar as a rhythm section for sections of the tracks the trio is able to give the music considerable depth, whilst maintaining an up-tempo forward trajectory which is driven by an urgent and busy percussion whilst bass lays out the framework for the compositions. A vocal rides like a plough through the tracks turning up the stones and churning the sounds which gives InCircles the roughed edges that to me brings the music to life.

When they slow the whole thing down, they are able to carry it off with confidence, but it is when they keep the sounds teetering on the brink that they are strongest as they let the music cascade off the walls.

Having been round for a few years now the the trio developed a confidence in each other that lets them easily switch between phrases mid bar without missing a beat and I hope InCircles are able to continue with their untrammelled musical output.


Youngblood – Incircles is available on iTunes*.

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